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As a member, you become an integral part of an organization that recognizes the critical importance of diverse participation in clinical trials. Your affiliation signifies a commitment to dismantling barriers, addressing disparities, and advocating for equitable access to cutting-edge medical advancements. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a researcher, or someone with a personal interest in healthcare equality, the Association of Diversity in Clinical Trials provides a platform where your voice is amplified, and your actions drive meaningful change.

Membership in the Association of Diversity in Clinical Trials opens doors to a spectrum of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through specialized workshops, webinars, and discussions, you’ll gain profound insights into the intricate landscape of diversity issues within clinical research. These engagements facilitate interactions with experts, thought leaders, and fellow members who share your passion for creating a more inclusive and representative healthcare system.

In essence, being a member of the Association of Diversity in Clinical Trials embodies the empowerment of differences, the pursuit of fairness, and the advocacy for healthcare equality. It’s about driving the evolution of clinical research towards greater inclusivity, ensuring that medical advancements benefit everyone equitably. Your involvement contributes to a legacy of progress that resonates within the medical community and beyond, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for diverse populations worldwide.

Founding Partner

As a Founding Partner you play a pivotal role in shaping our organization’s future, with exclusive access to educational resources, leadership positions in diversity committees, expert advisement, and enhanced visibility, all while championing the values of education and inclusivity. As a Founding Partner, you are at the forefront of meaningful change and innovation, driving our mission forward.
  • DTEACH Education Portfolio Licensing Package for One Year Unlimited Use: As a Founding Partner, you will receive exclusive access to the DTEACH Education Portfolio Licensing Package for an entire year. This package provides unlimited use of DTEACH’s educational resources and materials, empowering your organization with a wide range of tools to enhance learning and development.
  • Co-Chair Seat on the Diversity Collaborative Committee (DCC): You will hold a prestigious position as a Co-Chair on the Diversity Collaborative Committee (DCC). This role allows you to actively participate in shaping diversity initiatives and strategies within the organization, contributing to its commitment to inclusivity and equity.
  • Seat on the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB): Your influence and expertise will extend to the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB), where you will have a dedicated seat. This board serves as a think tank and resource for developing and refining diversity and inclusion policies, ensuring your voice is heard in crafting meaningful, impactful recommendations.
  • Consultative Advisement for Corporate Integration (Dr. Jerome Adams, Dr. Diana Foster): You will have the unique opportunity to receive consultative advisement from renowned experts in the field, Dr. Jerome Adams and Dr. Diana Foster. Their guidance will be instrumental in helping your organization effectively integrate diversity and inclusion principles into its corporate culture and operations.
  • Access to Site Planning and Regulatory SOPs: Founding Partners gain access to valuable Site Planning and Regulatory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This access streamlines compliance with industry regulations and best practices, ensuring that your organization operates efficiently and in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Marketing and Press Exposure on all AOD Activities: Your organization will enjoy increased visibility and exposure through marketing and press coverage on all activities organized by the AOD (Assuming AOD stands for an organization or platform related to education and diversity). This exposure helps showcase your commitment to education and diversity, fostering positive brand recognition and association with important social causes.

Supporting Partner

Supporting partners enjoy influential roles on key diversity committees, access to expert advisement, and exclusive resources, while also benefiting from heightened visibility through marketing and press exposure across all organizational diversity activities. These benefits empower organizations to proactively champion diversity and inclusion initiatives, fostering a more equitable and impactful corporate environment.
  • Co-Chair Seat on the Diversity Collaborative Committee (DCC): As a supporting partner, you gain the unique opportunity to actively participate as a Co-Chair on the Diversity Collaborative Committee (DCC). This prominent position allows you to play a leadership role in shaping and advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives within the organization. Your insights, expertise, and influence will contribute to the development and execution of strategies aimed at fostering a more inclusive workplace.
  • Seat on the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB): Your role as a supporting partner grants you a valuable seat on the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB). Serving on this board, you will have the privilege of engaging in high-level discussions and decision-making processes related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization. Your contributions will directly impact the formulation of policies, practices, and programs that promote diversity and equity at all levels of the company.
  • Consultative Advisement for Corporate Integration (Dr. Jerome Adams, Dr. Diana Foster): Supporting partners receive exclusive access to consultative advisement from esteemed experts, Dr. Jerome Adams and Dr. Diana Foster. These advisors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate integration strategies. Their guidance and recommendations will help your organization navigate the complexities of diversity and inclusion, facilitating a smoother and more effective integration of inclusive practices into your corporate culture.
  • Access to Site Planning and Regulatory SOPs: Supporting partners enjoy privileged access to Site Planning and Regulatory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These critical resources provide valuable insights into best practices for ensuring workplace diversity and regulatory compliance. By utilizing these SOPs, your organization can streamline its diversity efforts, ensuring alignment with industry standards and legal requirements.
  • Marketing and Press Exposure on all AOD Activities: Your partnership with us comes with the added benefit of enhanced marketing and press exposure. Your organization will be prominently featured in all marketing materials and press releases related to our Activities for Organizational Diversity (AOD). This exposure not only showcases your commitment to diversity and inclusion but also helps raise your company’s profile in the broader business community.

These supporting partner benefits underscore our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization while providing you with the resources, expertise, and visibility needed to achieve your diversity goals effectively.

Supporting Member

Joining the Association of Diversity (AOD) as a Supporting Member comes with a host of valuable benefits designed to enhance your engagement and participation in the diversity and inclusion field. Here’s a detailed description of the member benefits:
  • Seat on the Diversity Collaborative Committee (DCC): As an Supporting Member of AOD, you gain the privilege of having a seat on the prestigious Diversity Collaborative Committee (DCC). This committee serves as a platform for thought leadership, where you can actively contribute to shaping the future of diversity and inclusion initiatives. Your involvement in the DCC provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts, share your insights, and influence policy and practices.
  • Recognition in Publications: AOD recognizes and celebrates its Annual Members by prominently featuring their names and contributions in its various publications. Your expertise and involvement in the diversity and inclusion community will be acknowledged, enhancing your professional visibility and credibility. This recognition can open doors to new opportunities and partnerships within the industry.
  • Access to Newsletters, Journal, and Publications: Annual Members of AOD enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of resources. Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest trends, research, and best practices in diversity and inclusion through AOD’s newsletters, academic journal, and publications. These resources provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you excel in your diversity-related endeavors.
  • Access to Latest Regulatory Updates Related to Diversity: In an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, staying compliant and informed about diversity-related regulations is crucial. AOD offers Annual Members access to the most current regulatory updates related to diversity and inclusion. This ensures that you remain aware of legal changes that may impact your organization’s diversity initiatives, enabling you to adapt and implement effective strategies.
By becoming an Annual Member of AOD, you not only gain access to a robust network of professionals committed to diversity and inclusion but also receive invaluable resources and recognition to further your career and contribute positively to the advancement of diversity in your organization and society at large.

Member – Individual

Research professionals, healthcare professionals, students, etc.

  • Certificate of Membership: Receive an official certificate displaying the site’s membership into the Association for Diversity in Clinical Trials (AOD), highlighting the site’s commitment to promoting diversity in research.
  • Glossary of Diversity Terms: Access an extensive glossary of diversity-related terms and definitions, ensuring clear and consistent communication when discussing diversity matters within clinical trials.
  • Access to Expertise: Members will have access to a network of industry experts, researchers, and practitioners who are dedicated to improving diversity in clinical trials. This includes opportunities for mentorship, consultation, and collaboration.
  • Educational Webinars and Workshops: Regular webinars and workshops will be organized exclusively for members, covering topics such as designing inclusive trials, recruiting diverse participants, ethical considerations, and regulatory updates.
  • Resource Library: Members will have access to an exclusive online resource library containing a wide range of documents, research papers, templates, and guidelines related to diversity in clinical trials.
  • Networking Opportunities: The organization will host networking events and seminars that provide members with the chance to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Members will have a collective voice in advocating for policy changes and regulatory reforms that promote diverse representation in clinical trials. The organization will represent its members’ interests in relevant industry discussions and initiatives.
  • Industry Insights: Regular newsletters or reports will be provided, summarizing the latest trends, research findings, and developments in the field of diverse clinical trials.
  • Collaborative Research Projects: Members can participate in or initiate collaborative research projects aimed at advancing diversity methodology and contributing to the body of knowledge in the clinical trials industry.
  • Recognition and Awards: The organization will recognize and celebrate members’ achievements and contributions toward improving diversity in clinical trials through awards, certificates, or other forms of recognition.
  • Training and Professional Development: Members will have access to training programs and certifications that enhance their skills and knowledge in implementing diversity practices in clinical trials. (ie. Cultural competency training)

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